BSA Swiss, is distribution company born in 2016 by the KWS Engineering company and it deals with the mechanical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, plastic parts market used in the industrial automation sector; design and engineering of special plantings and mechanical and electronic equipments.

BSA Swiss can be also efficient thanks to its twenty-years partners and collaborators’ experience in industrial markets such as: Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Packaging being the technical and commercial partner able to offer to its clients the right product, the best technical consulting service and after-sales assistance.

The company organization, thanks to its competent sales force, its customers’ technical support, the quickness in following the enquires, its warehouse availability in terms of products, the technical knowledge, the valuable price and quick delivery, can be competitive guaranteeing the best products that meet customers’ needs.


Technical skills
Our office consists of thirteen technicians to provide advice to our customers, both before and after sale, as well as estimates of the most appropriate product and its possible conversion. Our strenght, that diversifies ourselves from other distributors, is the deep knowledge of the products we sell and the capacity of supporting the customers step by step, by setting up a list of the most appropriate items.

Technical forum
More than fifty discussions started, technical office always available, average response time: two hours.

Complete support
We provide a complete support both before and after sale, by following our customers along the entire path, from the search of the article to the possible assistance during the installation and/or development of the application.

Technical office
Our technicians are constantly briefed and updated about new products launched in marketplace.

Short delivery time
We guarantee the delivery of the products in stock within 24 hours in national area.

Instant reply to requests
We are able to manage customers' requests in real time.

BSA Swiss SA
Via Laveggio n° 3 CH-6855 Stabio - post office box 658
Phone 0041 (0) 91 9931090 - Fax 0041 (0) 91 9931092
CHE-407.671.031 Iva
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